Electro-Proportional Valves & Controls

Electro-Proportional valve options:

  • FLeX Series
  • Flow Control
  • Reducing
  • Relief
  • Reducing / Relieving
  • Sequence

Electro-Proportional valve options:

Sun Hydraulics Corporation is an acknowledged and respected manufacturer of precision electro-proportional products. From small pilot signal circuits to control of flows, and pressure electronically to 480 litres at 350 Bar, Sun offers a product range to suit the most demanding of applications.

Sun were first to integrate fully onboard electronics integrated with their solenoid coils. This product range allowed security programming of these amplifiers with either a Sun hand held product or software able to be downloaded to a laptop computer. Settings were unable to be changed without the correct interface and additional features were password protections on different levels. Sun expanded on this range with the introduction of their bluetooth embedded amplifier.

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In a recent program launch, Sun have introduced their new FLeX program featuring an additional range of electro-proportional products to suit an expanded range of applications while considering price sensitivity for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Key to this program is the range of the XMD control amplifiers which have been accepted by industry as an exciting new product to optimise system control. Again, it is a bluetooth configurable product providing both safety,flexibility and security.

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Sun have recently acquired and integrated Enovation Controls into their company group. Enovation Controls is an industry leader in electronic control and visual display systems for mobile equipment. Their program is also well suited for the industrial market.

Weatherised Coil Assemblies

  • Special Sun coils use the Metri-Pack 150 connector with protective cover seal kit
  • Built to survive more than 1000 hours in salt fog test
  • Include a built-in TVS surge suppression diode
  • Available in 12, 14, 24, 28 and 36 Vdc

FLeX Series Solenoid Valves & Coils

Electro-Proportional Amplifier Parameters