Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

Flow control valve options:

  • FLeX Series
  • Needle
  • Flow Control
  • Flow Divider
  • Flow Divider-Combiner
  • Flow Fuse
  • Modulating Spool
flow control valves

Sun Hydraulics Corporation manufacture a wide range of hydraulic flow control valves suitable for various applications.

With five frame sizes to choose from any number of solutions and control options are available to flows of 480 Litres and 350 Bar service. Products can also include reverse flow checks and pressure compensators. An extensive range of cartridge control options is also available.

Priority valves are also part of this range and include , variable , fixed orifice and ventable type cartridges. A balanced adjusting mechanism allows low operators effort in changing flows at high pressures.

Sun features a sharp edged orifice design to minimise flow variation with viscosity changes and some valves are available with a 25% +/- tuning adjustment of the nominal flow which is factory set.