Hydraulic Load Holding Valves

Load holding valve options

  • Counterbalance
  • Load Control
  • Pilot-to-open Check
  • LoadMatch™
  • LoadAdaptive™

Sun Hydraulics Corporation are pioneers in load holding and motion control products. They have a number of options available to provide solutions in a variety of applications. These can range from simple pilot to open check valves and standard counterbalance valves. Additionally, Sun also have their loadmatch and load adaptive range of products to suit the most demanding of applications. Hydraulic system stability and equipment performance control are key benefits when using Sun load holding products. Flow ranges are available to 480 litre capacity with pressure settings up to 350 bar.

Sun also offer a range of assemblies ready to install to hydraulic cylinders and motors. These products can also include their vented range of cartridges which are insensitive to system back pressures. For applications that require multi-functionality with motion control, relief protection and shuttle signals, Sun’s cushion lock program provide the ideal solution.

Choosing the right counterbalance valve

Sun QuickSelect LoadHolding™