Hydraulic Logic Element Valves

Logic element valve options:

  • Modulating Spool
  • Balanced Poppet
  • Unbalanced Poppet

Sun Hydraulics Corporation manufactures a comprehensive range of logic element valves. In this program are a number of unique and innovative elements that will provide an extensive range of application, system and circuit solutions. The range now includes products with flow capacities up to 1100 litres in their T18AU and T19AU series cavities.

Working pressures are up to 350 bar. Sun offer a range of both switching elements for directional flow and modulating elements for pressure control. The program includes both balanced and non-balanced cartridge valves.

Logic element valve application example

logic element valve application
Typical 4-way Directional Cylinder Circuit using Logic Cartridges (incorporates decompression, zero leak at cylinder cap end, overpressure protection on rod end, and regeneration capability)